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Ultimatly i feel a deep desire to get to the USA and the UK writers festivals. It’s in part due to the enormious share ofthe web that they hold so everywhere i look i see information and reviews and so on about htese great overseas festivals. The US ones even have some great you-tube videos available which only make me want to get to them more!

But in the mean time I’ve started looking into the australian versions and here’s my findings.

Byron Bay Writers festival, this one’s in early August and as it’s now late august I’ve missed it for this year… but perhaps next year.

This one’s in Vic in mid august – i’ve also missed it for this year.

In Melbourne, late Aug to early Sept which has potential. I’d love to visit melbourne as i’ve pretty much never been there but i’d have tofly and the festival seems a bit all over the place. There’s a great online guide so i can give the idea some honest thought.

Ipswich festival, the next one is in Sept 2011.

In QLD, this one sounds great, more conference style with master class type workshops.

Why do am i interested in the festivals? I’ve heard deam-stories about unknown authors going to a festival with an idea and comming out of one with an agent or a publishing deal. Pipe-dreams i know but these things are hardly going to happen whilst i’m sitting in my living room are they?



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I don’t know how I just stumbled upon this but for all those lost Aussie Writers looking for more info, or even those that happen not to be lost, here’s a great little newsletter to checkout.

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