I stumbled across a beta readers group on deviant art, i’ve always loved the website but had never come across writers using it so i was shocked to see this great resource sitting right under my nose. Of course seeing as though i only signed up yesterday everything seems new and exciting and things may turn out to be different and un-ccommodating but i’m keen to find out for myself.

My usually flips through deviant art are in the browsing section, looking over mostly sketches and pictures for ideas and inspiration. Like trying to find the look in my characters eyes so i can better describe it, or an old country barn etc. Because i write fantasy there aren’t always version of what i am trying to portray in reality and it helps to immerse myself in other peoples fantasy worlds.

Which mean’s i’m a little lost on how to use the website for myself. Aside from the beta readers group there’s a journal option and i can upload my own work. My artistic side is level with my daughters so perhaps not my artwork and i’m apprehensive to upload chapters of my manuscript until i can get a feel of the kind of feedback i will get. I don’t want to leave myself wide open for some harsh comments just yet.

So has anyone used deviant art as a writer, how do you use it and what kind of responses have you had?