I’ve been stumbling through the internet trying to find as many opportunities as possible, though i’m sure i’m going around in circles.

What kinds of opportunities? Better me light at the end of the tunnel type keys to open the doors that will result in a query returned with a big fat ‘yes, sure send your work in’ type reply.

My first port of call was workshops, writing and publishing type things that run for a day or two. But then i started to get worried that i didn’t know who was running these workshops and the blurb that they were author of some book wasn’t very reassuring when that book wasn’t in my genre or age bracket or a best seller. Besides i don’t  need someone to tell me my plot must be water tight and my grammar in order (my grammar has no order but i send everything off to an editor in the end) i need something more specific.

A few workshops were run by someone who used to work in the publishing industry which got me thinking that actually meeting someone that still does work in the industry might be more fruitful.

Now my search key words include seminar and conference and the writers festivals in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane seem to have the most number of agents, editors and publishers to gleam wisdom from.

Sydney: http://www.swf.org.au/

Brisbane: http://www.brisbanewritersfestival.com.au

Melbourne: http://www.mwf.com.au

Often i hear of an event as it finishes and by then i’ve missed it and by next year i’ve forgotten about it.

My problem is i really don’t know where my efforts should be focused and so i fall short in knowing what i need to learn. One person will say the characters really spoke to them then another will tell me they’re too mary-jane and slightly flat. One will say that i’m writing in a saturated market and another will comment that the manuscript varies from the majority on the book shelves.

So even if i do make it to a ‘wow’ conference or ‘amazing’ workshop i may not have my questions answered… i don’t even know what my questions are yet.

Which has me thinking. Is it that none of us really know what we’re doing, just some of us luck into all the right moments (place, plot, agent, etc) whilst others do not; for the same reason some babies are born during the day and others at night… that is for no real definite reason at all.