I still havent sent Shadow Wisdom out after it’s last rejection. It’s just sitting on my desk, collecting dust and adding to my frustrations. But i just can’t shake that dark collection of thoughts known as self doubt – what if it wasn’t just a case of wrong place wrong time, what if the manuscript really does suck?

So i flicked through a few manuscript appraisal services and nearly had a heart attack at the price. I can see the predicament, if i’m not willing to spend $400 on my own work then why would a publisher spend much more? But then there’s no guarantee that even if the manuscript appraisal service gives my work a thumbs up a publisher will even care, if my work isn’t getting a yes from a publisher now then why would it get a yes with an appraisal? Surely something has to be physically changed, edited, adjusted?

So this is the circle i’m going around and around in, how can i make my work worth the effort of a publisher without wasting money?

Which has lead me to writing buddies. A mutual relationship where people can share work and get honest feedback. My only worry is the simple fact that if i can’t see what needs work in my own manuscript how can i provide feedback of any value on someone elses? Sure i can read over a proposal or query and say what i personally think of it but no publisher or agent has ever accepted one of my proposals so what do i honestly know?

Anyway i’m currently trawling the message boards and various forums for some enlightenment on the subject. What would be great, and i would pay money for, is a workshop where we learn how to appraise our own manuscripts. I can picture it now, nice big old library, mahogany desks, a collection of eager writers and an assortment of industry professionals, a few well known writers, lots of manuscript swoping and reading each others work and sharing ideas, heaps of tips from the professionals, and at the end of a weekend/week we go home bursting with all the information needed to get over the line… so if anyone ever comes across one of these please do share.