Two manuscripts, two queries, what’s the best way to do this?

So i’ve had 2 manuscripts that i’ve been querying for a while and i’m to the point where i’m querying publishers because i’ve run out of agents.

My problem is i’ve a publisher, black dog books, who i really like looking at one of these manuscripts whilst another has passed on the other.

I want to query black dog books with my other manuscript too but i’m not sure if that will give a bad impression.

On the one hand in the unlikely event that both books are snavelled up at the same time friction might be created between two editors trying to get my attention at once. I don’t want to be seen as a problem, or potential problem, at all.

On the other hand is there a possibility that they will see how hard i work and how much i want to be a good writer by the fact that i haven’t just given up and sat on my bum after writing book 1, but i have also writen another and worked it through edits etc.

so really to query the same publisher with 2 different works or not?

And if i do should i mention in the query that they’re currently looking at my other work two?