To query one publisher with 2 manuscripts or not?

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Two manuscripts, two queries, what’s the best way to do this?

So i’ve had 2 manuscripts that i’ve been querying for a while and i’m to the point where i’m querying publishers because i’ve run out of agents.

My problem is i’ve a publisher, black dog books, who i really like looking at one of these manuscripts whilst another has passed on the other.

I want to query black dog books with my other manuscript too but i’m not sure if that will give a bad impression.

On the one hand in the unlikely event that both books are snavelled up at the same time friction might be created between two editors trying to get my attention at once. I don’t want to be seen as a problem, or potential problem, at all.

On the other hand is there a possibility that they will see how hard i work and how much i want to be a good writer by the fact that i haven’t just given up and sat on my bum after writing book 1, but i have also writen another and worked it through edits etc.

so really to query the same publisher with 2 different works or not?

And if i do should i mention in the query that they’re currently looking at my other work two?


Agent Query Update

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So here’s my plans of attack

and my records

of Agents i’ve queried

(since beginning this blog, and i just had to search back 4 pages to find this so i’m moving it forwards)


Wow… i’ve nothing that’s currently being submitted. Time to get my ass into gear.



Agent/Date/response/what was sent

  • 5/3/11, still no word and it’s now well over 3 months so no news is bad news. 25/9/10 i received a quick ‘we’ve received your query’ email today, which is great so i know the email got there safely – now i just have to wait. 24/9/10 i hit the send button on this query today! 22/8/10. Still no word from either the agent in the Uk about Kemla or Random House about Shadow Wisdom. I’m starting to go mad… and to research who my next option is. BLACK DOG PUBLISHERS. I’ve blogged my thoughts on them separately as I do the research but they’re Australian which might be bonus. 
  • 5/1/11 lovely reply and rather quick too given that everything went through the hard copy postal system over the busy christmas period. but a ‘no’ anyway. 9/12/10 doing the research to send out Shadow Wisdom again. This time looking at Ford Street Publishers. They publish a few authors that i’ve admired for some time now so i’m a little intimidated too.

    The only thing slowing me down is that they’re good old fashion by post queries. So i have to wait until i have a day where i can print everything out etc. Hopefully everything will be in the post on the 13/12… crossing my fingers.

  • It’s been a while since this idea went up too so my guess here is they’re not interested – this time? Llewellyn publishing: No known name to specifically address this too. This one’s for a non-fiction spirituality based work that’s been tickling me lately. It’s been an experience trying to put together the proposal but after learning the hard way about fiction series’ I’m not about to waste a second of my time on work that no one wants to read. After all my scribbled notes are good enough for me… here’s with fingers crossed and waiting for a reply!

  • It’s the 5/12, well over 3 months and no word so as they say no news is ‘sorry, not interested’ in publishing jargon. Random House. 25/7/10. For ‘Shadow Wisdom’, they publish both ‘Fallen’ and ‘Rangers Apprentice’ both in my age bracket and also of similar audiences and also very well represented. I know, they’re a full blown publishing house and not an agent and this is a huge risk but i’ve written a whole other frustrated post on this matter. Their guidelines are on their website and the email address is: : Here’s with fingers crossed.
  • for Shadow Wisdom. Australian agents don’t have as much information out there as American agents – at least that’s what I’ve found, and the email address was generic so i hope i did the right thing in addressing the query to everyone in the office. Said  “We prefer initial contact to be by phone or email” but their website says “We do not accept e-mailed or faxed submissions.” So I hope I’ve done the right thing in sending about three – four quick paragraphs by email as initial contact. I’m not keen on the up to 10 week turnaround but at least they’re honest about it on their website. So here’s to crossing my fingers. 15/7/10 I received a very quick and polite reply from Elle Brown with some great recommendations for other websites i can find other agents. So a no but a nice one.
  • Writers House: Lazar: For Shadow Wisdom mostly due to my previous like for Dan’s reputation and his note on wanting to represent a modern witch story – here’s to hoping my modern witch story will be good enough. 13/7/10 – An emailed ‘not for us’ was received on the 15/7/10 so by all accounts a quick turn around however it was exactly the same ‘not for us’ email from the last submission i sent in. I’ll admit that perhaps my work is simply to not them but it’s disheartening when they can’t even personally reply – do they not want writers to submit to them? They don’t need us anymore?“Thank you for your query. Dan Lazar asked me to reply after he evaluated your submission.We’re afraid your project does not seem right for our list, but thank you for thinking of Dan, and best of luck in your search for representation.”

– I’ve recieved this email twice now; anyone else?

  • Writers House: Reamer: Yeah i know i was letting myself in for a NO here and she must get SOOO many queries by beginners and hopefuls such as myself but what writer doesn’t believe their work deserves the best? Written query sent in April 2010. written reply in March 2010. Great turnaround. Form letter from her assistant, very nice and polite. Sent her ‘Kemla’
  • Writers House: Lazar: A younger agent, might have more luck, but still a great agency and he likes the YA scene. E Query in May 2010, response was in a few days, very short but still polite.  Sent him ‘Kemla’.

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