I have to admit my original enthusiasm for Nano has wavered the deeper i dig myself in.

Not normally a problem with Nano i guess but a problem with me. The overnighter to Gerroa was enlivening only to be dampened by one of those real lifers that create but don’t stick to the rules. I once wrote in a character with that nature but strangely my character was less frustrating then the person i met.

Frustrating though it was i survived but plummeted further in the whole lack of enthusiasm dimension. It’s great to share things such as NaNo with others who are encouraging and supportive but it can be devastating when someone decides to run you into the ground and demand you’re ‘breaking the rules’ and push you to delete thousands of words. This is me screaming in torment because really i am racing myself here, there’s only me i have to answer to and if my Nano character meets the character i wrote pre-nano and they have a conversation i wrote pre-nano so i use the exact same words from the dialogue what exactly is the problem? Apparently that isn’t ok, however, according to know-it-all including tafe assignments in the nano word count is? Go figure.

But what can you do? Ignore and write on.  

I write a lot and i love writing, why should someone elses inability to play as a part of a team change my love for writing? Well that’s the theory i’m on now. So my word count’s over the 35k mark with 9 days to go. I’m not putting in a good effort as displayed in earlier posts 10k a day is well within my reach yet i’m lucky to hit 5k a day in this rut. Am i trying to prove myself to complete strangers? Prove what, anyone can scribble or type and only the Nanoer themselves can appreciate their own work for the effort in simplicity or complication that they have exerted.

My long story short – shut up and write.