I just had this discussion on the NaNoWriMo board and thought i’d add it here too.

I think its great for kids to see their parents passinate about writing and reading etc it gives them a good role model so don’t think that by writing infront of them you are being a bad mum – it is the total opposit.

Some places mums can write:

Take a pad and pen to the park (or lap top if you have one)

Write whilst at sports practice

Stick the little ones in the bath and a chair at the bathroom door just for you

instead of reading a bedtime story re-read the last few pages of your story to them (if appropriate – it gives great editing time)

Get your kids involved – especially if you are a homeschooler or around the table at homework time. Picture this, they’re doing their work you get stuck for a word or a new characters name and you ask them for some input, they cant help? grab a thesaurus and show them how to use it and both find the word you’re after.

Writing groups can be kid friendly, meet at the park with a group of nano’s

Lunchbreaks at work are great, a better distraction from work than food.

Haven’t worked out how we can turn the commute into writing time: any inspiration? Driving and writing might be tricky.

It is possible to rig a shelf upto the tredmill and type whilst exercising, i have a small laptop and an exercise bike and i type whilst riding.

Don’t forget that any outing with the kids is potential for inspiration, you might find/meet the perfect prop/character to spur your story on with new gusto!

When i cook dinner i stick the laptop on one side of the kitchen and am continually ducking back to it to type a sentence or two.

The local library is a great distraction, they often have a kids corner, and the kids can read/play whilst you type

The kids are also great in those moments of temporary block, grab out the craft equipment and get to creating 3d models of characters yet to appear in your ms, the kids can create their own characters. before you know it they’ll be competing against you in nano! I did this one last night with my Joey scouts, we drew maps of our favorite stories and of course i got a chance to map out the landscape of my newly begun story.

Is there a local short story competition for kids? If so make November the month you work on writing as a family. Its a great way to get around the homeschooling/homework guilts and at the end of it your kids can enter their stories and feel proud of the achievement too.

Happy writing