Nano 2010 has begun… here’s my first scribbles.


 Dae was already betrothed, it was something I was trying to avoid thinking about but the truth none the less. Her one-day-to-be-husband stood across the gardens, playing with the ducks. It would have been funny if it wasn’t annoying. He reaches out and offers the ducks a slither of his bread, then runs yelling ‘catch me if you can’, of course the ducks give chase for a second then tire of the game. So he walks back, offering the bread again and waiting until he has their intrest before running off and cackling as they give chase. Actually after the first few displays the whole thing is just plain annoying.

Dae isn’t going to agree with me, she’s smothering giggles as it was, so I’m not going to bother expressing my thoughts on the scene. I looked instead over the white washed woodwork of our fathers entertaining patio. The delicate twirls of the banisters and the high beamed cieling. It’s a family pride and joy and the planned location of the wedding.

I feel stupid, even if I was staying I don’t want to get married. I don’t even want to think about romance and babies just yet. But because I can’t have the life my sister is planning I’m desperate for both these things. Is that even possible? To want and not want something with the same feriocity?

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