National Novel Writing Month


I just learnt about this one but i’m in. I’d love to drum up as many Aussies as possible, i think it’s a great idea and potentially loads of fun.

Have a look for me, i’m simply ‘cas’ and a part of the Australian group.

And here’s what i’m working on:

Saphryon is a ms i’ve been working on for a while and when i learnt of the NaNoWriMo i was still in the middle of editing and very much in ‘saphryon’ headspace which i don’t particularly want to get out of.

Analia is a character in Saphryon, she pops up at about page 60, disappears again and then pops back in for a page or two around page 240. Perfect.

Here’s the world from Analia’s point of view.

Her life has order, i’ll be skewed from ours and steeped in fantasy, but there’s a point and there’s a purpose and everyone sticks to that – rigidly. One child from each family dedicates 5 years of their lives, usually shortly after turning 11, to complete ‘tasks’ on the mountain.

The mountain is a combination of castle and battle field perched on the slope of the Misty Mountains, directly below the gateway between the immortal and mortal worlds. Szeins, or tasked, are required to complete all manner of duties from cleaning to cooking, caring for animals, hunting, smithing and so on. Five years of their lives is dedicated and then they’re free to leave or request a paid apprenticeship.

This all works in nicely with the medieval theme of the world in which Analia lives, however the fantasy side that Saphryon is steeped in isn’t as obvious in Analia’s life. Analia doesn’t have to deal with winged and armoured fighting immortals who kill anyone stupid enough to step too close – except their Riders.

However Analia does have to deal with the bullying and torment that has evolved in the place of learning and development that the castle and the Riders used to be all about.

It’s a darkness, like a curse, that’s seeping over the entire mountain, fueled by greed and lies and battles and enveloping Analia’s entire world.

Causing the rift between mortals and immortals to intensify, the mountain itself to fight back and all human existence, within the range of the mountain, to be destroyed…

“I’m a Szein, destined by my birth place in my family and by the realm i live in to serve on the mountain. As a small child I though that meant i’d be herding goats, a laughable idea really. The mountain is a word that literally means danger, and mystery and for many death.

The task with all the prestige around here is that of being a Rider. Few ask for it but the battle to gain enough merit to even dare approach the Riders Blade begins from the moment someone arrives here and it makes the rest of our lives hell.”