I spent the whole day scrapbooking yesterday, which was great for clearing through the mountain of photo’s which i’ve been ignoring but not so good for the editing i’ve been trying to do.

I’ve made a decision though, of sorts, i’m going to save the current draft as is, unedited. Then copy the whole thing into a new document and edit towards the sombre ending with a huge romantic streak and see how it goes. if it doesn’t go then i can always delete and go back to the original. The sombre ending isn’t the hard part. The book is quite dark, no warm and fuzzy knight in shiny armour anywhere so even though she likes this guy he beats the crap out of her in battle… opps i’m giving away the story line.

You’ll just have to wait and see if an editor or publisher likes it – then you’ll find out what happens to Saphryon. But from that tid-bit you can see how the dark ending will fit (though you may see my struggle because everyone likes a happy ending – name one book with a sad ending that has sold a billion copies lately?) But it’s there, in the back of my mind would be un understatement, more like itching at my soul, so i know the ending will work and if i can just balance it out with the romance then i might just be happy with it (might).

But we all have to learn to fight for ourselves at some point in time, and even our husbands and wives fail to be knights in shinny armour half the time, so the storyline is not without its pro’s – as dark as they may be.

Saphryon is one of those stories that no matter how crappy your life feels you can connect with Sahpryon and think ‘well at least i’m not…” (trying not to give too much away!) and you know that if Saphryon can succeed and survive and thrive and love and learn then there’s really no excuses why you shouldn’t be smiling right now.