This is the point where i wish i was already a well know writer with the ability to just call up my editor and say ‘hey i’m playing with this dark ending to my latest work but i’m not sure if it’s going to fit, what do you think?’

Because seriously it’s driving me mad!

So, here’s the long version of my little tantrum.

I’m working on Saphryon and thinking over the themes and the plot and the ending. I’ve jumped on a few message boards/forums and asked about my issue with writing two endings because i’m undecided about whether to have a more warm and fuzzy or cold and prickly type ending. Why? because when i started the book i wanted to defy readers expectations and end on a sombre note.

Then when i was writing the thing i ended up with hugs and kisses.

So i relaxed over the weekend and read something quite unrelated. But just now, as i was waiting for the jug to boil, i’ve begun wondering if i can’t go somewhere in the middle? Saph has a love interest that only really comes into play about the middle of the book but what if that slips in closer to the beginning and even though in many ways the ending will still be sombre what if her and her love interest remain strong so there’s still a warm and fuzzy element?

My problem, and the reason i wish i could just chat to someone who actually knows about these things, is that the market is saturated with romance at the moment (another twilight side-effect i’m sure) which means that i might be killing my works originality by intensifying the romance. So now i don’t know if i should mess with the plot or not?

In short, the question is really something like:

Is there too much romance on bookshelves today? Is romance too typical in a new release novel?