One of those lovely sunny spring day. Slept in – as you do when it’s your day off, then drove out tot he next little town to get my little girls bike helmet. Raced back to get her to school on time and after all that she didn’t even want to ride this afternoon. Then coffee with a girlfriend then off to the movies. ‘Tomorrow when the war began’ was wonderfully produced – i love the books and the movie didn’t disappoint. So then i had to spend 2 hours running around doing work stuff – the curse of being a manager. Finally caught half an hour to put towards editing and i went nuts with the notes! Had a ball with craft  (my daughters still glueing feathers and pompoms on the dinning table – literally)

So i thought i’d post some of my notes and images here. Be warned i’m not a well known artist so the drawings are really rough versions of my writing, there’s hand inked notes from other characters in the book and scrap booked items that remind me of certain aspects in the book. I hope you enjoy some images of Saphryon.