We went riding on the weekend and i found these great little tracks.




Jumping in right in the middle of the book…

“Is he always like that?”

“Remy? Yeah most of the time,” Laura giggles, tutting to the cart horse through her amusement.

A well worn track spreads out before us and leads the way, the trees must have been cleared a long time ago, now there is not a shrub or blade of grass on our path.

Looks like I’m farming Lii.

Aren’t I’m coming?

I wasn’t given a choice, I’m already in a cart…

What is it with you and carts. Have you forgotten how to ride?

No I have not!


“So where are ye from Kemla?” 


…. Leaving the bush we emerge onto the road. I don’t have to tell Lii where I want to go. The world’s a huge and vast place but there’s only one location I can think of starting my new life of freedom and strangely that’s my last point of captivity. Lii moves into a gentle canter, her hooves pounding on the road, heading to where I last saw Leon….