As mentioned in a post somewhere below i dabbled in Authonomy for a while. My work is still up there but i cured myself of the addiction reading other people’s work in the hope that they will read yours into the midnight hours)

Anyway here’s the blurb that i worked endlessly on for Saphryon, there’s not need to waste my hard work on just one site 🙂


I’m marked, chosen, for an unknown fate which would be fine if the whole world wasn’t trying to kill me – and i wasn’t alone.


  You’ve been watching Saphryon since her journey begun, not that you’re supposed to but you can’t help it. Her life has entangled yours, as well as the riders, the Szein apprentices, the beasts and time itself. The whole mountain’s plunging into darkness – this you already knew but the humans, thick as they are, can’t see it. Saphryon can’t see it.

 The gateway between the fey immortals and the humans is crumbling and it’s dragging the fey world into darkness. This is the reason that the beasts battle to escape the fey realms and the riders fight them back. It’s almost entertaining if they weren’t your kin. You’ve watched for generations, mere heartbeats for yourself, as the humans fight their way into the ranks of the riders and brave the mountain pass to choose a mount. It was once a noble calling but now equals nothing but slavery. At least the immortal mounts are fed and housed – Saphryon is left without even these necessities.

 She’s fading into nothingness – worthless to the humans and not quite seen as human by the immortals but that’s exactly what she needs to defeat the darkness.

 That and an immortal mount.


The first draft is finished, but i’m not happy with it exactly. I want it well and truly polished for plot by the end of the year – that’s the goal at least.