I like playing around with this sort of thing and it’s really interesting to see how long you’ve been sitting in writers block, or the last time you sat down to type, or vise-versa how intensely involved you are.

Here’s an update on an earlier post where i started tracking my typing for this story.

8/8 from 70920 words to 72896 words

10/8 from 72896 words to 76124 words

18/8 from 76124 words to 78083 words

28/8 from 78083 words to 78844 words

30/8 from 78844 words to 83417 words

1/9  from 83417 words to 86423 words

22/9 – yesterday – from 86423 words to … well i think i actually deleated some unnessacery chatter inabout chapter 5 but you get the picture.