Is there an addiction out there with the label ‘Query’ because i think i’m getting one. Every time i send out a manuscript query to a new publisher i re-write the query letter, and the introduction and the synopsis and you have to right? every agent and every publisher is different and you have to tailor your letters to the person you’re sending the letter to right now.

 But it occurred to me, what if the last letter i sent out was wrong for that agent, but will be right for this agent? What if i’m actually destroying my chances by re-writing this letter?

So how do you know? how do you know if you actually have the perfect query but you just sent it to the wrong person? The agent/publisher feedback doesn’t often steer a writer in the right direction, so i’m left in limbo?

Just wondering…

Am i doing the right thing here? or the complete opposite?

What would you do?