This line on their submissions page really caught my attention:

  • Let us know what your plans are as a writer (we aren’t interested in publishing one-off manuscripts, but we are interested in finding authors who have more than one book up their sleeve).
  • With agent’s i’ve been leaning the other way, trying my best to say ‘this manuscript can stand alone … but I also have ideas for number 2 in the series if this one does well’ when really i’ve written number 2 and number 3 and several short stories which could become offshoots etc – but i don’t want to sound like too much work and I’ve read that agents don’t want to try and sell a series as most publishers are only interested in number 2 if number 1 does really well.

    They do expect a 3 month exclusive – I think I’ll go mad if i don’t hear anything in 3 months. Shadow Wisdoms been with Random House for 1 month and it feels like a year!!!

    i’m going to work on the query and post it here, then see if i’m happy with it – then decide to submit or not to submit…