I’m in recovery mode, needless to say my night was long and very merry!

Pirates, of all things, invaded my local pub last night and normally when some fancy dress party ventures in there’s a bit of entertainment in the way they look but mostly they’re just normal people.

Not these pirates.

They talked the part, drank the part, danced the part and generally were a riot all night long. The DJ even got in playing sea shanties and such like – an interesting mix.

Which has me wondering if there’s a pirate book in me, not that pirates usually interest me but what would a group of adults be like after pillaging the high seas … and getting drunk most nights given that water doesn’t travel so well and rum will need to be the replacement?

I need something better than pillaging random boats as my plot but I’ve sparked my own interest.

It is a little unfair as my fiction/fantasy/YA works aren’t getting any yes’s back from agents so i was thinking of working on something less fantasy, something even adult.

But i guess i have to follow my muse – and hope something someday is worth a publishers interests.

Here’s to pirates