Well i think this romance is over.

The first 10 000 words of Saphryon have been on Authonomy for a few weeks now and all the sites doing is eating my my time.

What is is? It’s like a rat race and a social network rolled into one. On the one hand the 5 top rates pieces get whisked off to the editors desk every month – on the other hand getting amongst those top 5 is a whole lot of social networking. I’ve put as much in as i can and i have high standards so i didn’t just run around giving everyone a generic ‘great book’ type review. The idea is you read someone elses work and comment and if you like it you place their book on your book shelf which gives the work a higher status. You hope they will return the favor and at least read some of your work but not everyone does.

There are lots of great authors on the site with a keen eye for detail and very willing to point out a few places for improvement and i much appreciated their time.

But on the whole i have given over 50 reviews and received back 5 that have said more than ‘great book’. And my rank is still in the 3000’s so by my rough maths I’d have to give over a 1000 reviews to get enough people to comment back and move my book towards the top 5. I just don’t have the time – or patience really.

I used to be on this great site that did the same thing without the rankings. You just posted a snippet of your work and others would have a read and give you pointers.

Great for that opening line or the spot you’re stuck on. I’ll have to track that one back down because at least with that set up I didn’t feel pressured to ‘quick check my stats again – oh no quick do a few reviews because my stats are dropping!!!! argh!!!’

So my opinion on Authonomy, unless you have a lot of time to waste it’s a waste of time.

There’s some great work on there so if you’re into reading go for it. And i will point out that reading someone elses crap makes it so much easier to see your own mistakes (because usually we all read manicured books from a book shop and then we read our own stuff and think its really close to book shop quality – well 99% of the time it aint.)

 Check it out and decide for yourself, just be warned it is addictive.