I’ve been wanting one of those mini lap-tops for ages, so i can sit and type waiting for the school bus or when we travel etc and guess what???

My partner just walked in and gave me one – and all the bits and pieces that go with it.

I’m over the moon!

How else is my day going. well to start off i slept in. My partner made me a cup of coffee when he started work at about 6.50am and i fell straight back to sleep. i was supposed to open the office at 8am and woke up at 8.05!

So mad rush and running around- lucky it’s the quiet season.

Three coffee’s later and writers cramp from working on Annual leases and documents and i get my new toy! So now it’s really hard to concentrate on work and not play!

Then i cut my hand on my dishwasher – i know how on earth could i do that? i was juggling a half dozen things and i tried to shut the dish washer with one hand so i could have knocked it on anything.

What’s on my mind for tonight? well i’m helping out with the Joey Scouts (Aussie scouts for 6-8 year olds) then i’m editing Shadow Wisdom like mad.

I have had a brain wave. I’m always so keen to get things just right so to date i’ve always written books 2 and 3 etc in a series before thinking about an agent because what if i get to a bit in book 3 and want to change something in book 1? But as i dive into the world of agent hunting i’m finding that only book 1 matters and there’s probably a good year between getting an agent or publisher and then being published and in that year i can work through the next book if anyone’s interested in it etc etc etc – my new moral. just get book one polished till it shines then look for an agent and start something completely different. That way i’m not wasting time in books that might not ever ever sell – even though to me they are the BEST thing ever.

Food for Thought – i’ve got more paperwork to do.