I just hit the send button on an E-Query via a friends friend type thing. I have been reading a lot about agents reading referels from writers they currently represent before all the others so i have my fingers crossed. However i’m also nervious.

I was quering American agents and this time i’ve sent it off to the UK – and apparently my wording is a little Aussie. It can’t be too Aussie because Kemla’s set in medieval times, they didn’t have Koala’s or G’day mates so i know i haven’t accidently used any of those but i guess people do pick up accents other then their own easier then i can pick up my own accent so i’m ready to sit tight and wait.

I will be a little annoyed if my Aussie accent is the reason i’ve been rejected so far and no one else thought to say so…. but then i doubt i’ve been rejected based on any one thing so i’m crossing my fingers and trying not to hold my breath.

here’s to submission number 3