I need to know who i’m sending stuff to,

especially because there are so many ‘to’s out there for the ‘sending’.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the time of year or something similarly lacking in any reason to be called an excuse, but there is a whole lot of websites out there that just copy and paste information from each other. i’m trying to research a handful of agents, trying to find one suitable to my genre and all the other fine points that i personally feel are important to know before sending off a query and i keep coming across the same thing again and again to the point where i’m not sure if agents are sticking to some old faithful sayings or if there’s just one real interview being copied and made to look like several interviews on several different websites.

It’s very odd when word for word the same people seem to be having the same conversation which leads me to the frustration that’s fueling this post.

For one thing i am hungry for new information, broader and more in-depth information and all these websites are simply failing to deliver and wasting my time.

for another their wasting their own time, don’t they read what’s already out there? why don’t they do something new?

I’m going to try some obscure little search engines in the hope of finding something new!

Wish me luck