1. Write, scribble, jot, draw, paint, preview, dream, imagine, love, laugh and…

…Have something on paper before even thinking about agents or publishers or any other soul who may one day read your work.

2. Immerse yourself, Dive in deeper, educate yourself and give your words grounding in reality, make them real, full of feeling and as alive as words can be.

Take courses

Go on outings and excursions

Meet a real… eat lunch in your books cafe…

3. Learn to write words that paint the scene in your reader’s imagination and dispense of words that need to explain the scene – when you understand this one (which is unlikely to be straight away) then your ready to move onto the next step.

4. Get it right. This one’s always driven me mad – on the one hand we all know books are edited before being published whether you edit it to bits now or not however on the other hand a sloppy manuscript rarely gets read by an agent. Here i think there’s a fine line between just enough time editing and too much time editing. One thing i will say is that you must edit.

4. Know your options when it comes to agents and publishers. It may not be the fun part but it’s a vital step. Research the industry and the person you plan to send your words to.

5. Put on a leather raincoat – or a plate armour one! Because whatever feedback you receive you must, 100% must, be able to take the good and the bad and make your work better and you can not do this if your too busy taking the rejections personally.

6. Write again…

…So you’re waiting for a reply? What’s stopping you from working on your next best seller?