I sent the very first agent query for Kemla off in April – though i had the parcel ready and sitting on my desk for six months whilst i decided who exactly to send it to – and even though i was going mad for a reply and it felt like forever they had a really good turnaround and even though i only got a form letter back it was a typical friendly sort of reply… i wanted to cry but i laughed instead and i picked up a pen and begun editing.


It’s much nicer just writing the letter – the word ‘rejection’ sounds so harsh.

In truth there were a few things worrying me about the manuscript – perhaps the intro is too long? perhaps it does take too long to get into the action? I’ll work on it… again.

The first time i sat down to edit this particular manuscript was 7 years ago, i started writing it when i was 14. I lived on a remote property in NSW (100km from any town) and spent a lot of time horse riding and battling my brothers – thus was born Kemla from my imagination and a lot of time to exercise ideas.