Alright so here’s to motivate me, I’m at 57, 647 words, one and a half spaced it equals 159 pages… its saturday the 29th of May 2010 (that bit may be very important if i get distracted)

The goal at the moment isn’t to stress about words but content… ok i shouldn’t be stressing at all. What i want is a finished manuscript that i can set aside, let cure nicely, then put about editing.

Of course in the curing stage there’s another idea begging for my attention that i just HAVE TO turn my attention to soon or i may well go mad.

So lets see how hard i can work this current project.

Double the pages by this time next month?

If i make a month 30 days then it’s a total of 1921.5 words a day…

That sounds like a challenge!

Update 3.6.10

So it’s been 5 days and right in the middle of those 5 days i received my R for Kemla so now i’m editing Kemla and typing out this new one… so here’s where i’m at:

168 pages and 61 043 words.

3396 words in 5 days…

I’m disappointed but i know i’m putting a lot of time into the other story so i’m not giving up.


4 more days, lets checkin…

186 pages and 67 834 words

thats an increase of…

18 pages and 6791 words (divide that by 4 and we have 1697 words a day – closer than my last checkin and just under my goal.)


Which is 6 more days and before i even look at my computer i know i’ve frozen up. Another R for Kemla has me in another tail spin of editing and whats more … i’ve picked up the modern witch books again and begun editing them too. A final re-read before trying to find an agent for them. So i’ve Kemla who i’m picking to pieces trying to find someways, everyways, to make them better better best and i’m re-reading another series so even though this project is begging me to work on it i know i haven’t achieved a lot of work.

189 pages and 68 663 words…

Which is an increase of 829 words in 6 days.

Now i knew that was coming. A dismal effort.