*** Warning, spoilers may follow ***

Different people utilise different writing tools in different ways

in this instance i need a timeline, you can make one before you start writing or you may never want to make one, my problem is that my frantic typing has me already jotting down the climax… my works not ready for the climax yet. i still have characters i want to introduce and there’s that love interest i want to develope.

But each chapter meshes in with the next just the way i want it too, i can’t simply go back and add a chapter.

So here i am, writing out a timeline. A simple line across the page will do. Note each chapter and give a description of what happens in that chapter. I find it helps to be scholarly about it.

For example name your characters and what your reader would see happening… ‘this is where i make so and so look nasty and horrible and reveal their true nature.’ ‘This is an important development in such and such’s journey.’

Now i can see visually where i skip over bits, where more room can be added and where the story suddenly goes off in a different direction.