Ok so it’s only been a month since i sent off my manuscript ‘Kemla’ to an agent. it’s not the first time I’ve sent in a manuscript but it is the first time I’ve sent in this manuscript and to this agent and …. Argh!

For a few days at a time i can easily forget about it… then i remember and I’m wondering.

I’m imagining my little envelope sitting on a desk, i want to imagine that it’s on a nice mahogany desk and someone’s working at the desk and at any minute the envelope will be opened.

Truth is for all i know it’s not a desk at all it’s a shelf full of ‘i’ll get to it oneday’ items and it’s gathering dust just waiting.

and waiting…

Sounds like my diet – ‘I’ll get to it oneday’

I wish i could just peak in on it, the envelope that it… my manuscript, just to see where it’s ended up and what the world around it is doing…