It’s about time i got around to doing this, i created this blog a week ago – weeks can fly!

Why? Beacuse I’ve done it, i’ve taken that step – does anyone else feel that once the envolope has slipped from our finger tips fate herself has taken over? What i’m refering to is sending off my much loved manuscript – for the first time!!!

Well it’s not the first time i’ve submitted a manuscript to an agent, my first manuscript went out to almost every australian agent i could find. which is why i’ve sent my second manuscript off to an American agent – some fresh blood i guess. someone new to approach. Australian agents don’t have the market to take chances (that’s what i keep telling myself anyway)

So i’m nurve racked and trying to forget the whole thing. it could be months before i get a reply – so i’m just going to forget all about it, move on, work on the next thing… and wait with nail biting anxiety!!!

I’m still not 100% sure how this blogging thing works but i don’t feel that it matters 100%.

I’d love for people to comment and say hi, i’d like to get to know my readers (i’m anticipating 1 or 2 and 1 or 2 names are easy to remember)

This week i’ve managed to edit a whole 5 or 10 pages – there was a time (and not so long ago either) that i had the time to put out 40 new pages a week and edit in the breaks… work (it’s a love hate relationship)

As is so much in the world…