New Book Idea

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A new book idea swum through my head as i was tyring to fall asleep last night, not the first idea i’ve had for a non-fiction work but the first one that i feel i actually might be able to get past the ‘idea’ stage…

Not that i doubt my ideas, but Non-fiction does kind-of bore me. My own non-fiction that is, i live in it every day why would i want to escape to it? Writing in fiction gives me an escape from my reality. For a few moments i can be wrapped up in magic or battle or love… but this one idea is something slightly more important. perahps i’ll never write it, perhaps the markets saturated in similar works and i’ll never publish it – but the idea’s got my attention.

Being a mother, parents… my daughter. What more important book topic could there be to me?

Chapter one – love is the only gospel in parenting. if in those moments of insanity we feel our love overshadowed by fear, or desperation or pure exhaustion then the idea of love must guide us. At the very least we all have that north-south, right-wrong, knowledge within us at all times. We must let that guide us until we’ve landed our feet firmly back in the zone of love. I, like most parents, have not always walked anything even remotly resembling the straight and narrow when it comes to parenting. I’ve worked long hours, claimed a sleep in, been late for the school assembling, forgotten about Library day and regreated those ‘on a whim’ christmas purchases – but i have found invaluable the deep emotion of love and when in doubt the idea that is the deep emotion of love in finding my way back to the (often rare) magical place that is ‘getting it right’…

I could write a book about this – not about what is the right or wrong about love, or parenting for that matter, but how i’ve survived those moments when i really didn’t know and i have relied on the ‘idea’.

I’m not saying i’m right in my way of parenting and that’s my biggest fear in this proposal – there’s so many out there that are better than me. who knows perhaps that will make my book ‘better’ because there’s also so many of us that feel we’re ‘worse’ than others. I think i could be in the majority here?

Keep your eyes open, i feel a book a brewing…


About time

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It’s about time i got around to doing this, i created this blog a week ago – weeks can fly!

Why? Beacuse I’ve done it, i’ve taken that step – does anyone else feel that once the envolope has slipped from our finger tips fate herself has taken over? What i’m refering to is sending off my much loved manuscript – for the first time!!!

Well it’s not the first time i’ve submitted a manuscript to an agent, my first manuscript went out to almost every australian agent i could find. which is why i’ve sent my second manuscript off to an American agent – some fresh blood i guess. someone new to approach. Australian agents don’t have the market to take chances (that’s what i keep telling myself anyway)

So i’m nurve racked and trying to forget the whole thing. it could be months before i get a reply – so i’m just going to forget all about it, move on, work on the next thing… and wait with nail biting anxiety!!!

I’m still not 100% sure how this blogging thing works but i don’t feel that it matters 100%.

I’d love for people to comment and say hi, i’d like to get to know my readers (i’m anticipating 1 or 2 and 1 or 2 names are easy to remember)

This week i’ve managed to edit a whole 5 or 10 pages – there was a time (and not so long ago either) that i had the time to put out 40 new pages a week and edit in the breaks… work (it’s a love hate relationship)

As is so much in the world…

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